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Independent Agency

Insura is a locally owned and operated agency that was created in order to give consumers a more personal insurance buying experience, while also offering more choice.

Being an independent agency, we are not beholden to any one carrier. In fact, when we choose to place you with a carrier, it is not to fill a quota, but to get the best value for our customers. With the proliferation of large online insurance companies, insurance buying has become less personal. These call center agents, who know nothing about you and who are many times located overseas, are selling cookie-cutter insurance policies that may not work for everyone. Oftentimes, consumers do not know about their coverage and find out they may not have been properly insured only at the time of a claim. Our agents will get to know you and your unique situation and offer you several alternative coverages that you can choose from. So call or get a quote online, or better yet, stop by for a chat at our office in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.

In today’s economy, smart customers like you are considering their options to save the most money. With dozens of insurance companies and brokers available, are you prepared to spend your time comparing rates and coverage? Do you know the questions to ask to determine if the policy being presented fits your needs? Can you trust that your sales representative is delivering unbiased recommendation, rather than pushing the maximum profit of their own company of the limited coverage types available within that company?

Nobody can provide you with more options than Insura Insurance Agency. We have many insurance companies working on your behalf to ensure that you get the right coverage at the right price! We do the legwork while you reap the rewards. Whether you are getting ready to purchase a new home or vehicle, need to protect your property from floods, have opened a new business, or have a current policy that you would like to compare, we can help you properly insure yourself and save money every month.

Plus, you get the personal service that only an independent agent can provide. We don’t work in some call center of a major international corporation across the country, we live and work in your community…serving Reynoldsburg, Ohio and the surrounding areas. As an independent business, the satisfaction of our customers is the difference between success and failure. We cannot afford to lose clients by treating you like a policy number in a database…so we don’t.

Call us to discuss your insurance needs or to establish an appointment for a face-to-face meeting. We promise you will see our commitment to excellence and the benefit of insurance choices in providing you with the right coverage at the right price.


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The staff was cheerful and helpful! I highly recommend!

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Great Service, Ed gives you the best quote great customer services highly recommend.

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