Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance In Ohio

Umbrella insurance, often referred to as excess liability insurance, is a liability policy. It’s intended to compensate third parties for damages or injuries for which you, the insured, are responsible. Again, this policy doesn’t work on its own; it kicks in once your typical insurance coverage (auto, home, renters, watercraft, etc) has been exhausted. At Insura Insurance Agency, we offer a wide range of options for your umbrella insurance for both personal and commercial purposes.

At times, some risks may exceed what your standard policy can cover while others may have exclusions; that’s when umbrella insurance comes in.

Even though umbrella insurance isn’t mandatory in Ohio, it’s important to protect yourself from large lawsuits and severe accidents.

Coverage options

Some of the umbrella insurance coverage options include:

  • Personal injury ‐ covers lawsuits involving personal liability situations such as false arrests, libel, invasion of privacy, slander, and malicious prosecutions.

  • Additional bodily injury liability ‐ covers the excess cost of body injuries towards a third party.

  • Additional property liability ‐ covers extra costs of loss or damages to a third party’s property.

  • Exclusions coverage ‐ covers liability claims that are exempted in your standard insurance coverage.

Even though umbrella insurance covers most of the liability risk, there are a few exceptions, such as business losses, intended or expected accidents, and criminal intentions.

A local agent at Insura will help you understand the coverage option that is best for you. Call or visit our local office in Reynoldsburg, OH, to see how affordable an extra layer of protection can be.