Top 5 Insurance Companies in Columbus for a Quote

Top 5 Insurance Companies in Columbus for a Quote

Insurance is a vital means of protection from sudden and unexpected financial loss. Whether it’s flood insurance for a personal residence or business owner’s insurance for entrepreneurs, you need insurance to protect your assets.

With nearly six thousand insurance companies in the US, there is a plethora of options. However, it’s near impossible to query every insurance company for a quote. To remedy this, we have compiled a comprehensive list of insurance companies in Columbus, Ohio, to help you begin your search.

Top Insurance Companies in Columbus, Ohio


Insura is a local, independent insurance company in Columbus, Ohio. They know that insurance shopping can be stressful, which is why they strive to deliver a personal insurance experience, so you’re confident about your insurance policy.

Insura offers a variety of commercial and personal insurance policies; however, they aren’t the generic policies that you’ll find at any run-of-the-mill insurance company in Columbus, Ohio. Insura’s passionate agents inquire about your unique situation to recommend fair and adequate insurance that fits your needs.

Learn more about the types of insurance that Insura offers.



Whether you’re in the market for auto insurance or need commercial property insurance, call or make an appointment for a thorough consultation about your insurance needs.

Phone: 614-500-4147

Grange Mutual Casualty Company

Grange Insurance uses its extensive knowledge of Central Ohio to provide reliable insurance to Grange members. With 80-plus years of experience, Grange Insurance offers affordable and customizable auto, home, life and business insurance.

Phone: 800-422-0550

State Auto Insurance

Since 1921, State Auto Insurance has provided an insurance buying experience that rivals other insurance companies in Columbus, Ohio. With a pledge to offer reasonable rates and fair claim service, State Auto Insurance offers competitive commercial and personal insurance rates.

Phone: 833-724-3577

Detwiler-Brofford Insurance

Find the appropriate coverage for your car, home or business at Detwiler-Brofford Insurance. Since 1984, Detwiler-Brofford has served Gahanna, Ohio—a suburb of Columbus—and greater Ohio, providing comprehensive coverage and genuine customer care.

Phone: 614-300-2883

Catanzaro Insurance

Catanzaro Insurance is an insurance agency proudly located in Historic German Village. The independent insurance company believes that if you genuinely care about people first, the rest will into place. With this value, Catanzaro provides auto, flood, homeowners, business and life insurance.

Phone: 614-489-8383

Get Your Insurance Quote

The insurance buying process does not have to be stressful. With caring and compassionate, independent insurers that are dedicated to providing a personal and seamless, you can

This list of insurance companies in Columbus, Ohio, is only the start. Contact one of these top insurance companies for a quote to determine what’s possible.

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